Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farting For Citizenship!

Farting For Citizenship! (2012)
The second prerecorded video piece for our sketch comedy show, The Unwatchables. The video is of an international fart competition for U.S. citizenship. Then some rude asshole interrupts the competition saying he's a hostage, but don't worry the fartage resumes.

The outro titles are fudged up now that it's on youtube for some reason. They should read:
1. Non-documented immigrants contribute up to 32%
2. of this nation's farts. It's time we stood behind them.
3. F.F.F.F.
    Foreign Fart

The crowd liked it, although there were some parents and prudes in attendance.

Written/Directed/Titles: me

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Byrds of a Feather

Byrds of a Feather (Bird High) (2012)
The first prerecorded video piece for our sketch comedy show The Unwatchables. This video is a clip of a sexy teen drama about half bird creatures that go to Featherton High School. It was showed to a focus group. Comedy ensued.

When I uploaded it to YouTube the titles got all mangled. They should read: "Frank Spielberg / in association with / Arby's / Proudly Presents / Byrds of a Feather"

The crowd was into it.

Script by Emily Boulier

Titles/directing by: Me, of course. Who else?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Documentary: MY NIGGAZ

MY NIGGAZ (2012)
Acclaimed new director Pizzabeard and producer Charlie McNeil gives us an in-depth look at environmental activist Dan Shaw. He discusses the state of environmental activism today, his herstory, American consumerism, and his search for his mother. The most important six minute indie doc you will see all year. Enjoy.
Director: Pizzabeard
Dan Shaw: Dan Shaw
Toilet Stall Drums: Dan DeSoto