Friday, September 23, 2011

Brother: The Mike & Gary Chang Story

Brother: The Mike & Gary Chang Story (2011)

Two sexy brothers divided by temptation & united by hate seek to shirk the shackles of a gyno-centric motel and it's hysterical residentinas. Watch as Mike and Gary peel away years of reverence and virtue like the many layers of the devil's onion. In this battle, individuality and chastity are are pitted in the penultimate fudgematch, but they got a new attitude and names to go with it: MIKE & GARY CHANG!

filmed 5/21/08


Encounter (2011)

After a coke deal goes wrong Agent Fagundes has to track down the rat who double crossed him, but Fast Eddie won't go down so easy.

filmed 2007

An Evening with the League of Beard Enthusiasts

An Evening with the League of Beard Enthusiasts (2008)

part 1
My sister SHANNON SHAW wrote, directed and edited this documentary about a beard club and it is excellent.

Come away with us to Round table Pizza in Napa California to attend the first League of Beard Enthusiasts meeting. Laugh, cry and learn with L.O.B.E. about the hardships the bearded face and the joy they bring the world. Join today and grow a beard!

Hunx & his Punks - Bad Boy

Hunx & his Punks - Bad Boy

band: Hunx & his Punks
song: Bad Boy
director: Dan Shaw

Record Store

Record Store (2011)
In December of 2009 I shot a short documentary about a typical day working @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, California. Featuring the music of local Oaklanders Uzi Rash and Chris Alarie.

Shannon & the Clams - Hunk Hunt

Shannon & the Clams - Hunk Hunt

Band: Shannon & the Clams
Song: Hunk Hunt
directed by Dan Shaw

Youth Group

Youth Group (2011)

There's a new shepherd in town. Youth Pastor Dennis Hormel is hip, holy, and hunky. The young men's ward admire him. The young women's ward want to marry him. But there is a Judas in Nana's rumpus room. A real jerkoff asshole Judas named Jared. Who will win in this showdown of good vs evil?

filmed 2009?

Beach People

Beach People (2011)

After being buried by major player haters Brodie Trevors aka: professional party animal Guage is unearthed by two sensual but clueless lovers whom he repays with valuable instruction.

filmed 2009

Little Man Tait

Little Man Tait (2011)

A hirsute lethario from the spaghetti feed has got Mrs Higgins in a tizzy. A tuesday night line dancing date with the swarthy romeo Detective Magnum has required Mrs Higgins to call in a sitter. Mindy is well-seasoned in the babysitting game. She gets upwards of 2 dollars an hour plus full fridge privileges. How can she command such exorbitant rates? Because she's the best. She has never met a baby too wild to sit. But she hasn't met Tait.
Tait is in awe of Mindy's tough guy boytoy Reynold, but Reynold is ticked off and might have to regulate on Tait. A showdown ensues but WHO WILL TRIUMPH?

filmed 2009


Workshop (2011)

Leroy Hutchins is a hobo wandering hot foothill towns. Follow his harrowing journey through the erotic carnival known as WORKSHOPPE. You're going to learn to love again from watching this coming-of-age sensual holocaust boxing revenge romance.


Rated NC-17 for:
Gratuitous face warshing
Full frontal friendship
Tramp Scrubbing
Adult variations on a theme
Language (English)

filmed 9/12/07


Magicman (2011) filmed 11/7/09

Down on his luck amateur magician The Marvelous Matt and his fiancee/assistant Olga scour a forgotten moor in search of a mythical thorn-lorde only to find that you should be careful of what you wish for. This highly charged dramedy is rife with breakout performances by on the rise beefcake Ed DeHaro and Shawna Dinse's soulful turn as the plucky yet vulnerable Olga will leave you with a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart. This is also the final performance of living legend Camel Joe before his tragic life sentence incarceration for wire fraud and making fun of the pledge of allegiance. A spellbinding erotic family classic from the Dan Shaw vaults!

Troll Whores / Too Terry

Troll Whores / Too Terry (2011)

So this is the first 2/3 of TROLL WHORES (filmed 2007) and the final bit of TOO TERRY (2008?). I accidentally taped over the end of 'Troll Whores' and the beginning of 'Too Terry.' I would be bummed but I taped over it with the funnest night of my adult life, the spontaineous Brick Battle (2009) .

1.Black Sugar by BEARHUG
2.Skeletonz Together by Chimney Chaingunz

Hobocop - Good News

Hobocop - Good News
Band: Hobocop
Song: Good News
Director: Dan Shaw

Culled from footage of the aborted masterpiece Taters (2010)

The Night Hiker

The Night Hiker (2011)

Two best buds get home from a dance and after some chips and sympathy summon erotic subgod The Night Hiker.

Select Praise for THE NIGHT HIKER
"This movie delivers" - Dom Noid
"Night Hiker really 's got the goods!" - Robin Helper
"The most vivid portrayal of Nana's roots since LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" - Eric Boyardee
"Dope as Fuck" - Q'bertrius Dropper

filmed 2008

Thanks Carla

Thanks Carla (2011) Filmed 2008.

Legend. Fashion icon. In the world of fashion one name reigns supreme. Carla.

Game Pros

Game Pros (2011) Filmed 2006-2011. Edited 2011. in three parts due to it's legnth (17mins). At this point it's my Apocalypse Now (an epic, took years to film, many thought it would never be seen by audiences)
In the world of underground arcade hustling the rules are simple. The loser pays up, or gets shatterblasted. Sniper is a veteran quarter jockey whose skill and cruelty are of great renown in the 'cades. He's got it all: skills, respect, killer wheels, & beautiful women twisted by admiration & lust into his love sluts. But a new face has shown itself in Sniper's primary arcade...
RC leads the mysterious challenger into the Sniper's nest. After a TV appearance gives Sniper a much needed blast of nation publicity the fresh-faced unknown emerges to challenge the heartless arcade tyrant to an old fashion high midnight quarter machine duel. The winner receives the keys to the '88 TESTEROSA MAJICA. The other loses all street cred. Who wins in this battle of titans...

In the final chapter of Game Pros we see the ultimate battle, a battle of life and death. THIS ISN'T A GAME ANYMORE

Naan Sequituss

Naan Sequituss (2011) Filmed 2007, edited 2011.

When everyone except Ed & Jolene was at least 2 hours late for the filming of Game Pros, we decided to film this little slice of madness.

Shatter The Crystal

Shatter The Crystal (2008) Filmed 2008.