Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Man Tait

Little Man Tait (2011)

A hirsute lethario from the spaghetti feed has got Mrs Higgins in a tizzy. A tuesday night line dancing date with the swarthy romeo Detective Magnum has required Mrs Higgins to call in a sitter. Mindy is well-seasoned in the babysitting game. She gets upwards of 2 dollars an hour plus full fridge privileges. How can she command such exorbitant rates? Because she's the best. She has never met a baby too wild to sit. But she hasn't met Tait.
Tait is in awe of Mindy's tough guy boytoy Reynold, but Reynold is ticked off and might have to regulate on Tait. A showdown ensues but WHO WILL TRIUMPH?

filmed 2009

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