Friday, September 23, 2011

Game Pros

Game Pros (2011) Filmed 2006-2011. Edited 2011. in three parts due to it's legnth (17mins). At this point it's my Apocalypse Now (an epic, took years to film, many thought it would never be seen by audiences)
In the world of underground arcade hustling the rules are simple. The loser pays up, or gets shatterblasted. Sniper is a veteran quarter jockey whose skill and cruelty are of great renown in the 'cades. He's got it all: skills, respect, killer wheels, & beautiful women twisted by admiration & lust into his love sluts. But a new face has shown itself in Sniper's primary arcade...
RC leads the mysterious challenger into the Sniper's nest. After a TV appearance gives Sniper a much needed blast of nation publicity the fresh-faced unknown emerges to challenge the heartless arcade tyrant to an old fashion high midnight quarter machine duel. The winner receives the keys to the '88 TESTEROSA MAJICA. The other loses all street cred. Who wins in this battle of titans...

In the final chapter of Game Pros we see the ultimate battle, a battle of life and death. THIS ISN'T A GAME ANYMORE

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