Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have It Your Way

Have It Your Way (2006?)
Herschel comes from privilege. Born in a big house on the hill. He shops at the finest stores like Zumies and Mr. Forever 21. He was raised to compete. Educated from a pup in the finest food racing academies. He eats for glory. He eats for accolades. He eats to win.

Jocko comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He never knew his papa. His childhood doctor worked out of a van in the flea market parking lot. He never took to schooling, but he was a natural at speed grubbing. He doesn't have book smarts, he has eat smarts. He eats for respect. He eats to escape the ghetto. He eats for equality. He eats for the American dream.

Two alpha male food racers throw their hats in the oniony ring and scarf for their lives. Who will claim victory? HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

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